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Become a SunTegra Partner

Becoming a SunTegra Partner provides solar dealers, roofers, contractors and other trades the opportunity to offer customers an attractive, reliable, and cost-effective roof-integrated product, which will set them apart from conventional competitors, expand their available market, and become a player in a new and growing part of the solar market.

Market research shows that 3 out of 4 homeowners prefer an integrated system and are more likely to consider solar if one was available.

The SunTegra team is dedicated to working with select partners to make SunTegra products an integral part of the solar market and a successful part of your business!

Partnership Options

Whether you want to sell and install or just do one and not the other, SunTegra has a partner program that can meet your needs.

Authorized Dealer Program:
IST’s SunTegra Authorized Dealer program is suited for partners who want to sell and install or just sell the SunTegra products. For both types of Authorized Dealers, IST makes available marketing and design services to support a dealer’s growth and success. For Authorized Dealers who would prefer to sub-contract installation, IST can match you with one of our Authorized Installers

Authorized Installer Program:
IST’s SunTegra Authorized Installer program, is designed for existing roofers or contractors seeking to expand their business into solar or solar installers whose business is more focused on installation. Once a partner is in our network, IST will make you name available to Authorized Dealers in your area..